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Windows and doors Construction


  1.  All windows must be of the same dimension as the windows that are being replaced.
  2. Only windows with a flange (called New construction) can be installed. Windows called replacement windows cannot be installed, because they do not have the required flange.
  3. Acceptable windows are Harvey Vinyl Windows, or Andersen Casement Windows.
  4. Andersen sliding windows are available only in custom sizes, so you are advised to look at the other manufacturers if possible if price is an issue.
  5. Proper window flashing must be installed.
  6. Window trim must match that being replaced in both size and color.
  7. Windows installed in units having the Hardy Plank vertical siding must have window trims removed and flashing installed. Hardy Plank trims will be installed by a Springfield Park Place contractor.
  8. If your contractor damages the Hardy Plank, it will be your responsibility to pay for its repair or replacement by Springfield Park Place’s contractor.


  1. Storm Doors: Acceptable models are the Anderson 3000 Series Storm Door or 200 Series Storm Door. You must match your front door in either white, light gray or dark gray, depending on your particular unit.   
  2. Sliding Patio Doors: Acceptable models are the Andersen Perma-Shield Gliding Patio Door, and Anderson 3000 series. The doors must match your front door in White Vinyl, Light Gray Vinyl or Dark Gray Vinyl, depending on the door.   
  3. Garage Doors – Garage doors must match existing door. Acceptable models are the Raynor Centura Innovation Series Flush Door (Aluminum) Color must match your existing door. Individual replacement panels are available contact LOMBARDY DOOR directly at 973-759-0016. 

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